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100% Accurate Touchless Sales Orders, AP Invoices and Vendor Order Acknowledgements for Manufacturers and Distributors.

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Automation for Modern Businesses

Conexiom is the only vendor that delivers True Automation - touchless document processing with 100% data accuracy. Conexiom is a fully automated, purpose-built solution that solves the shortcomings of RPA, OCR and workflow technologies.

Complex Data Transformation

Conexiom automates the transformation of millions of electronic documents, regardless of the format, complexity, or repeatability, driving over $100B in transaction value on behalf of our customers each year.

100% Data Accuracy

Orders and invoices are transcribed with 100% data accuracy at the line level, eliminating costly and error-prone mistakes caused by human error and typical of other automation solutions.

Touchless Document Processing

Our technology uses 1,400 proprietary machine learning algorithms to eliminate all manual processing of orders and invoices and allows your team to focus on delivering greater levels of customer satisfaction.

Goodbye manual order processing, forever.

Businesses just like yours use Conexiom to safeguard key business objectives: maximize revenue opportunities, create cost savings, and ensure business resiliency.

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Processed documents can be transformed and delivered automatically into any ERP system that accepts EDI or XML including:

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